“I am going to heal myself”, my partner stated in 1980 when doctors told him he had only one more year to live. That was the beginning of my conscious journey on the spiritual path. From 1994 onward it became a primary part of life.

It resulted in greater knowledge and more insights in physical and non-physical life. That brought me to the discovery that in fact there is no journey. We have already arrived. As Dick Sutphen said: “There is nothing to seek. Nothing to find.” Only extending the Love that we are.

It is my passion and deep desire to empower people. To help them on their ‘journey of remembrance’ of who they truly are. To help them become masters. I do that by combining my creativity with my knowledge.

Creativity has always been important to me. There is nothing more wonderful than creating something original out of nothing. Endless creativity never fails to amaze me and brings me happiness.

The typical Dutch polder landscape where I live is a constant source of inspiration to me: the vastness of the meadows, the ponds and creeks, the birds, the cows, the sheep and horses, the colours and the seasonal changes, the gorgeous skies and the famous Dutch light.

And how about my former partner?

Well, he is still alive today!

I also contribute to the website of John Cali, which is filled with inspiring messages from Spirit!